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PURC runs a customer service clinic in Koforidua

Consumers in the Eastern Region have called on utility providers, especially Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) and Ghana Water Company to respond promptly to complaints addressed to them.

They said that while they were happy with the utility companies’ handling of complaints, they did so late, causing inconvenience to consumers.

Customers expressed these concerns during this year’s customer service clinic organized by the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) in Koforidua.

The clinic was organized to enable utility providers to educate consumers about the services provided and also to enable consumers to voice their concerns so that they are addressed.

The Eastern Regional Secretary of the Ghana Hairdressers and Beauticians Association, Ms. Marylyn Wilson, explained, “We use their services for work and sometimes you go to work and realize there is a problem. You complain to them and it takes them days to come and solve the problem for you.

This, she said, negatively affected her members’ businesses and advocated for utility companies to respond quickly when they receive complaints.

The MP for Two Streams in Koforidua, Citizen Kofi Tetteh, urged utility providers to interact frequently with road contractors to quickly resolve any issues that may arise as a result of road construction.

He said that most of the time road construction leads to bursting of water pipes or lowering of ECG lines, adding “because there is no interaction between the two, a burst or a lowering of ECG lines is always left hanging for long periods of time and it affects consumers.

He stated the need for interaction between the two to enable a rapid response to resolving these issues.

Citizen Tetteh also complained about the ECG app saying it was sometimes unreliable and cumbersome to use and called them to work on it for ease of use.

PURC Eastern Regional Director, Mr. Jude Aduamoah-Addo, said the concerns raised indicated that utility providers should focus more on customer service and respond quickly to cases.

“Feedback from our monitoring programs, particularly in remote areas, has indicated that consumers after filing complaints do not get a prompt response and therefore I urge utility companies to improve their systems and deliver quickly,” he said.

For healthcare facilities, he said, there was a need for utility companies to work with healthcare facilities to provide some stability in their utility supplies or alert them to other alternatives so as not to not unfortunately lose lives due to lack of electricity or water.

Mr Aduamoah-Addo also urged the public to bring any issues or concerns to PURC’s attention “so that we can be on the utility companies to respond to them promptly”.