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QC Kinetix (Baederwood) has a new clinic offering natural regenerative medicine treatments in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania

Jenkintown, Pennsylvania CQ Kinetix (Baederwood) opened a new clinic that offers non-invasive regenerative treatments in Jenkintown. The new location has a root cause approach to treating pain and injury using the body’s natural components to heal damaged tissue. They treat various conditions such as knee, elbow, back, hip and shoulder pain, as well as injuries caused by sports and accidents. Their therapies are ideal for acute joint and musculoskeletal pain due to arthritis, infection, degenerative disease, overuse and direct trauma. The main goal of therapies is to improve function and quality of life for lasting results without the need for surgery or addictive prescription drugs.

At the new Jenkintown clinic, patients can access a personalized concierge service for logistical support during treatment. the pain control clinic has a personalized approach to regenerative medicine that examines patients’ unique health needs to develop a treatment plan that works best for them. Their therapies work by encouraging the growth of damaged tissue to relieve pain and inflammation. They perform comprehensive pre-screening tests to determine clients’ eligibility for regenerative medicine.

QC Kinetix (Baederwood) has a team of board-certified physicians who have extensive experience, training and licensure in providing Jenkintown Regenerative Medicine. The clinic has a firm policy of continuous learning that embraces well-researched methods and developments in regenerative medicine. They use advanced technologies and modern equipment for pre-screening, diagnosis and treatment of various conditions. The clinic rep had this to say about their services.

“At QC Kinetix near Baederwood, we have successfully treated pain in patients to help you find relief quickly, without going under the knife or having to take addictive prescription drugs for the rest of your life. Our goal is to help you get back to your favorite activities as quickly and safely as possible. Regenerative medicine focuses on the healing process of tissues and organs, and this type of sports medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania uses cells and molecules in the body to promote healing, leading to faster recovery from sports injuries. .

The new clinic in Jenkintown provides greater accessibility for patients living in and around this area. Their many regenerative medicine treatments provide options for patients with different types of pain and injury. QC Kinetix (Baederwood) remedies help patients avoid the often high costs and long recovery times associated with invasive procedures like surgery. The clinic’s experienced staff use their knowledge and skills to positively influence patient outcomes and promote patient safety and satisfaction.

QC Kinetix (Baederwood) offers other services such as free consultations. Patients can contact clinic staff to provide information about their health needs and for advice on regenerative medicine options available at the clinic to treat their condition.

QC Kinetix (Baederwood) is located at 1653 The Fairway, Suite A216, Jenkintown, PA, 19046, USA. For consultation and reservation, contact their staff by calling (215) 999-3000. Visit the company’s website for more information on their new clinic in Jenkintown and the regenerative medicine treatments offered.

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