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QC Kinetix (Lake Norman), a pain control clinic in Davidson, offers natural back pain treatments that don’t require surgery or prescription drugs

Davidson, North CarolinaQC Kinetix (Lake Norman) Davidson Back Pain Treatment naturally heals patients with back pain using regenerative medicine treatments. The clinic treats lower and upper back pain caused by injuries, work accidents, wear and tear, repetitive motions, heavy lifting, etc. The treatments offered by the Pain Control Clinic relieve pain and inflammation without the need for surgery or the prescription of addictive painkillers. Instead, they use a wide range of minimally invasive therapies that stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities to repair and restore damaged tissue faster than normal.

The pain control clinic begins its treatment for back pain with a free consultation. The consultation includes a pre-screening process and free exams, which show their commitment to the service. Doctors take a patient’s medical history and may require additional tests to diagnose. The results shed light on patients’ eligibility for regenerative medicine and which treatments are most helpful for them. The clinic has personalized treatment plans unique to patients’ health needs. They perform routine aftercare services for their back pain treatments to ensure they are working as expected.

Minimally invasive back therapies from QC Kinetix (Lake Norman) have long-lasting results and improve function and quality of life. Unlike surgeries, they allow patients to quickly return to normal life, as there is virtually no downtime once the healing process has begun. For added convenience, the clinic offers its patients a personalized concierge service that provides logistical support while they receive treatment at the facility.

QC Kinetix Sports Injury Clinic (Lac Norman) Davidson has treated hundreds of patients using some of the most advanced regenerative medicine solutions in the industry. They have a team of board-certified doctors with extensive experience in the industry. The clinic is strongly patient-centered and considers patients’ needs and values ​​during treatment, and keeps patients informed every step of the way.

The clinic representative had this to say about their services,

“Workers in the United States have suffered from back pain for years. QC Kinetix is ​​always looking to improve the quality of service we provide to our patients in Davidson, NC. We use the latest regenerative medicine therapies, making us the facility of choice for people looking to end their injuries the natural way.

In addition to the treatment of back pain, the clinic offers other services such as the treatment of pain in the knee, wrists, shoulders, elbow, hip and other parts of the body. They also have solutions for pain caused by degenerative diseases like arthritis and bursitis. The pain control clinic has a department dedicated to Davidson Sports Medicine which offers therapies for different sports injuries and pains. They combine traditional sports injury treatments, rest and splinting with regenerative medicine for optimal results.

QC Kinetix (Lake Norman) is located at 610 Jetton St Suite 214, Davidson, NC, 28036, US. For consultation and reservation, contact their staff by calling (704) 360-3057. Visit the company’s website for more information on their regenerative medicine treatments for back pain.

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