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Reno-Based Brain Health Clinic Helps Revolutionize Mental Health Treatment

The testimonials provided by Epic Brain Centers of Reno are hard to believe. Some of the stories include people diagnosed with depression seeing results in little treatment. Other testimonials show people recovering quickly from conditions such as addiction and anxiety.

For the podcast episode below, I visited the Epic Brain Centers clinic in Reno. The clinic and the technology it uses are potentially revolutionary. Similar treatments for brain health are underway across the country, including at the Mayo Clinic. These clinics also report remarkable results.

Today’s show features Jordan Scott and Judi Kosterman of Epic Brain Center, co-founder of the Brain Health Leadership Foundation. They tell us about the technology they use, what patients experience, and how the non-invasive treatment helps people with various conditions.

To learn more about Epic Brain Centers, visit them online at The Foundation is at Learn more about Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation at Mayor’s Clinic website.

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