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Reproductive health mobile clinic opens in Casper

Maya Shimizu Harris Casper Star-Tribune

A mobile clinic offering reproductive health and gender affirmation care is about to open in Casper.

Wellspring Health Access, the organization behind the Casper abortion center, which has yet to open, will operate the mobile clinic. Holly Thompson, a member of the organization’s community advisory board, said she hopes the mobile clinic will be up and running by the end of December.

The organization intended to open a regular abortion clinic in Casper over the summer. But, following an arson attack on the building in May and ensuing renovation delays, the clinic’s opening date was delayed by several months.

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Thompson said the Wellspring Health Access team aims to open the regular abortion clinic in late winter next year.

After the arson, Thompson said the organization’s team “immediately” started talking about possibly opening a mobile clinic.

The mobile clinic will offer all services listed on the Wellspring Health Access website, Thompson said.

This includes abortion and family planning services as well as gynecological and gender-affirming care.

The organization has already purchased the medical van that will house the mobile clinic. Thompson said the vehicle is somewhere in “Rocky Mountain West” at the moment. (She couldn’t be more specific about the location of the vehicle for fear that it might be targeted.)

Wellspring Health Access is currently hiring doctors and staff to operate the mobile clinic, Thompson said. The vehicle must still be equipped with equipment.

It is not yet known where and at what times the mobile clinic will offer services, or how information about the mobile clinic will be announced.

Thompson said Wellspring Health Access has a plan for some of the logistics, but will refrain from publicizing those plans at this time.

The mobile clinic could become a permanent feature in addition to the regular abortion clinic, according to Thompson.

“We look forward to having a healthy relationship with the medical communities, wherever (the mobile clinic) is,” she said.

Wellspring Health Access, along with other Wyoming health care providers and women, is currently involved in a lawsuit challenging Wyoming’s abortion trigger ban.