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Sanford Health Opens Williston Clinic | State and Region


Sanford Health opens a clinic in Williston.

The multi-specialty clinic will be part of the 800-acre Williston Square development on the grounds of the city’s former airport. It will include primary and specialized services, an infusion centre, imaging equipment and a laboratory. Sanford did not provide a cost estimate.

“We are excited to move forward with our vision to bring improved health care to Williston and its surrounding communities,” said Dr. Todd Schaffer, President and CEO of the Bismarck Region of Sanford. “Last year we purchased 25 acres of land in Williston Square with the intention of creating a regional healthcare center in Williston. We remain committed to working closely with the City of Williston and the Community Council to plan future services that will better meet the needs of patients closer to home.

Sanford and the city announced in March 2021 that they were collaborating on a hospital and clinic in the center of the oil patch. The status of the city’s plans to build a hospital and lease it to Sanford is unclear. Sanford told the Tribune he was focused on the clinic.

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“Our Williston Square site provides additional space to expand healthcare in the future, and it’s the first step in a long-term investment that will serve northwestern North Dakota and eastern North Dakota. Montana,” Schaffer said in a statement.

The Sioux Falls, South Dakota-based health system said the clinic was “the next step in Sanford’s 100-year plan to serve Williston and its surrounding communities.”

Williston Mayor Howard Klug said in a statement that the clinic will not only boost health care in the city, it will “support partnerships with Williston State College and other universities to provide educational opportunities future health workers”.

Williston Square, in addition to health care facilities, includes plans for a civic center, shops, restaurants, residences and apartment buildings.