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She is a doctor and at the clinic she was forbidden to treat a man without social work: she cured him and quit

Florence Barrazaa 27-year-old doctor from the city of Buenos Aires, went viral after posting a tweet in which she told a situation that led her to resign from her position as a doctor in a private clinic.

Although the surgical resident doctor did not specify the name of the sanatorium, she reported on her Twitter account that after receiving a patient who did not have adequate medical coverage to be treated there, decided to intervene surgically even without the agreement of the director of the place.

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“I just had to fight with the nurse and the director of the clinic. They wouldn’t let me stitch up a man who cut his foot with a grinder because he couldn’t afford it. I sutured it the same way and gave up. I’ve always favored the state over the despicable business community“Wrote the health professional received in 2018.

Resignation and a message in favor of public health

Your message exceeded 10,000 retweets and 107,000 likes. It also generated thousands of other comments, where he received endless replies. At the end of the first message, she added: “Hold on to public health!”

Tweets that have sparked controversy and have gone viral in recent hours (Photo: Twitter @FlorBarraza17).

Seeing the repercussion that had been generated with the first tweet, Barraza came back an hour later to give more details: “When I told the director that my duty as a doctor was to help whatever the patient’s economic means , I said: ‘No, it doesn’t work like that in the private sector’”.

“In private medicine is not done, business is done and the products are human beings”Completed.

The young woman reported on the same social network as began his surgical residency in early February. “I finally decided to do the specialty that always stalked me but that I never dared to approach because of its complexity and its sacrifices.”

Also in his tweets he usually says stories of his work, details of on-call days and very intimate situations like the one he had to face in front of a family when he announced bad news: “It’s a before and after in everyone’s life.”

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After the insults he received for his criticism of the private sanatorium, he clarified that he also works in a public hospital and that he will only remain at this job.

In 2020, after graduating, she wrote on Instagram: “I imagined her surrounded by applause, love, happiness, but the world is suffering and no one can smile anymore. Today I received my diploma alone, as if it were a formality, from the hands of a stranger and without any applause. But it doesn’t matter because the applause will be in the eyes of everyone who manages to help. From today, I solemnly promise to devote my life to the service of humanity”.