Clinic consultation

Skin Philosophy officially opened its first clinic in Jakarta

With “Your Beauty Pit Stop” as its slogan, Skin Philosophy aims to become the ultimate destination for beautiful and healthy skin.

Not so long ago, Skin Philosophy held the inauguration of its first clinic in Jakarta. The event was hosted by three Prestige VIP ladies: Indah Saugi (Senior VP of Corsec InJourney), Michelle Pudjiadi (Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Green Palace Residence, Prestige 40 under 40 personality) and Hana Tan (Content Creator and Beauty Enthusiast). The day started with a mini talk show from Cyntha Harida Octavia (the founder of Skin Philosophy), Cut Anisa (Head of Marketing at Skin Philosophy) and Elyssa Putri (Clinic Manager and Beauty Consultant).

“We specifically use the best processing technologies and materials from the United States. The equipment and technology we use is also FDA approved. Obtaining FDA approval itself involves a number of rigorous screening and evaluation processes. The use of the treatment tools must be clearly demonstrated and there must be valid scientific evidence that the device is effective. Of course, we are also committed to complying with rules and regulations regarding pharmaceutical and medical standards,” Cyntha said.

After the talk show, a tour of the clinic took place and guests watched a demonstration of several treatments by the aesthetic doctors of Skin Philosophy. On that note, Skin Philosophy’s core treatments include PicoWay, a type of treatment that uses a picosecond laser to transfer energy waves into the deepest layers of the skin and stimulate collagen production. In addition to improving facial skin texture, PicoWay can also treat acne scars and facial wrinkles, help scar fading, and remove black spots or skin pigmentation. The procedure is non-surgical and offers great effectiveness when performed consistently according to the needs of the skin and following medical advice. Other treatments available at Skin Philosophy Clinic include Vbeam, Peeling, Silk Peel, Acne Injection, PRP, Microneedling, Vampire Treatment, Threadlift, Filler, Skin Booster, Botox, Venus , Cauter, etc.

The clinic has also chosen a consumer-centric orientation as its second philosophy. “When a person comes to the clinic, we refer them to a private consultation session with a doctor. Thus, they will receive a personalized medical analysis, a treatment plan and specific products prescribed by the doctor. For added convenience, patients can request to have treatments with friends, children, or colleagues,” says Dr. Prika Cahyanisa.

Finally, before the closing of the event, guests were invited to take advantage of consultation sessions with the doctors of the clinic and to make follow-up appointments. A group photo session then closed the evening in style.

From left to right: Indah Saugi, Cyntha Harida Octavia, Michelle Pudjiadi, Hana Tan

The newly opened Skin Philosophy Clinic is located at Jl. Bumi No.22, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. Appointments can also be made via WhatsApp or by phone on +62 81 234799965 or +62 21 27099390. For more information, visit Skin Philosophy Clinic Instagram page.