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Smell disorders and allergies: new clinic opens at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

A NEW smell and allergy clinic is opening at the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust says the consultant-led service will be the first time patients can be seen at a dedicated specialist smell clinic in the area.

It is estimated that up to 5% of the population suffers from a smell disorder and there has been a huge increase in awareness due to the pandemic.

One of the symptoms of Covid is a loss of smell and taste, and while for the majority this usually returns once the virus has passed, for others it has more lasting effects.

The new service is run in partnership with Fifth Sense, the charity for people with smell and taste disorders.

The charity will work closely with the clinic to provide local support and information to patients, help direct people to the new service and work with hospital staff to contribute to the latest cutting-edge research in this specialist area.

Okechukwu Okonkwo, ENT consultant at GRH said: “We are delighted to be able to offer this service to the people of Gloucestershire.

“There are many different causes of smell disorders and by having this new clinic and working with Fifth Sense, we hope to improve the lives of people with this condition.

“We are already seeing strong demand and have started accepting referrals through GPs.”

The clinic and Fifth Sense will jointly host a smell and taste information session on Saturday 12 November at the Sandford Education Center at Cheltenham Hospital.

The day will be an opportunity for patients and their families to share their experiences and learn more about smell and taste disorders, the new clinic and the services offered by Fifth Sense.

Area healthcare professionals are also welcome to attend and learn more about the impact of smell and taste disorders and what can be done to help.

The event will be free, supported by Fifth Sense funding from the National Lottery Community Fund. Anyone interested in attending can contact the Fifth Sense team at

Patients wishing to be seen by the Smell Disorders and Allergy Clinic must be referred by their GP.