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Sploot Veterinary Care shares plans to expand clinic in Denver

Sploot Veterinary Care, a Denver-based veterinary care clinic brand, recently opened its second clinic in the RiNo neighborhood of Denver. Additionally, the company announced that it will open 3 more locations in Denver by mid-2023, with 10 more clinics in the pipeline.

Its first clinic launched in December 2021, and in its first 10 months of operation, it served 10,000 pets throughout Denver. According to a company statement,1 with these new clinic openings, Sploot is striving to serve the entire Denver metro area by the end of 2023.

“Today’s pet parents — who treat their pets like family — want what they’re already experiencing elsewhere,” Gil Bolotin, co-founder, said in the statement.1 “They want convenience, great customer service, transparency. And that’s what we offer at Sploot.”

“Every aspect of the Sploot experience is designed to provide an unparalleled care experience for pets and pet parents, from the ease of online booking to teletriage services available all days, or the fact that 95% of our pet parents can get the same or next appointment of the day. And pet owners love the warmth of the whole experience.”

“We are excited to be able to bring the Sploot experience to more families,” said Yoav Mordowicz, co-founder. “The feedback from our first clinic has been phenomenal, and it really goes down to our highly engaged team. In an industry where burnout is a reality, we are proud to have invested, from day one, in the culture, career development, work-life balance If I had to highlight one thing that drives our growth, it is this – our investment in people and the resulting commitment to the team to provide pets and their parents with exceptional care.

As Sploot grows, Bolotin and Mordowicz foresee many exciting developments. “In addition to expanding our coverage area, we will continue to invest in the pet parent experience,” Bolotin added. “Whether it’s retrieving medical histories, preparing for a trip, or simply loving Sploot so much that buying Sploot-branded products is in order – we will continue to redefine the veterinary care experience.”


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