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“Steadfast and Committed” – Pregnancy Aid Clinic Fearless by Pro-Abortion Vandalism

The staff, volunteers and board of directors of the Lennon Pregnancy Center remain unfazed in their mission to serve women and families despite being targeted by extremist abortion supporters.

The Pregnancy Support Medical Clinic in Dearborn, Michigan was raided in the early morning hours of June 20 by pro-abortion vandals, and in addition to smashing many windows, the center been degraded with the now common, “If abortion ain’t safe neither are you”, verbiage threatening the safety of the pregnancy center in response to Roe vs. Wade being at risk.

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Radical group Jane’s Revenge reportedly claimed responsibility for the attack along with another in the Detroit area, with a photo of the vandalism posted online via another group’s website.

Lennon Pregnancy Center director Mariann Bolton contacted supporters in an email after the attack.

Gary Hillebrand

“Upon assessing the situation, it was clear that the perpetrators oppose our mission to provide advice and support to pregnant and parenting women,” Bolton said.

“The damage is extensive, but we remain firm and committed to our mission and our work,” she said.

“As Director of PLC, I would like to speak on behalf of staff, volunteers, donors and supporters about our day-to-day work,” Bolton said. “Senseless incidents like these do not frighten or deter us. On the contrary, they encourage us to do more and stay the course!

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Staff at the center estimated that it all started early Monday morning around 1 a.m.

Someone entered the property and smashed windows and glass doors along the entire front of the building. They left two or three windows alone just below a security camera, Lennon Center Chairman of the Board Gary Hillebrand said. Pregnancy Help News.

The vandals also spray-painted the Jane’s Revenge message, “If abortion isn’t safe, neither are you”, on the facade of the building.

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Dearborn Heights police responded to the incident after someone in the area called to alert them. The police department also brought a disaster recovery company to the scene and retained it. The company boarded up broken windows and painted the threat Jane’s Revenge on the front of the building, so the damage had been markedly altered within hours of police responding to the call.

The police and their disaster recovery company were wrapping up when Hillebrand was on the scene. He and two other council members then began to work on cleaning up the destruction. They weren’t going to have any customers or staff in the center with the broken glass in the windows.

Gary Hillebrand

“It was just a mess,” Hillebrand said. “There was glass everywhere.”

The center is normally closed on Mondays, so the timing of the cleaning worked out well.

On Tuesday, staff at the center answered the phone, continued to deliver virtual classes in place since the coronavirus lockdowns, and also remained available for regular pick-up of hardware items from customers.

Staff and board members reached out to customers by phone or text when there were appointments for pregnancy tests, ultrasounds or equipment pick-up, so that customers were prepared for this. they would see when they arrived. Ultrasound appointments for later in the week remained on the books.

Gary Hillebrand

While they don’t expect another attack to take place during business hours, Hillebrand said they plan to have an additional male presence on site to make customers feel safer. when they arrive for appointments.

In addition to pregnancy tests, ultrasound services and material assistance, the center offers parenting courses.

The Lennon Center works with its mission to “enable parents to choose life for their unborn children” and “to raise their children in loving families.”

“We accomplish this mission by offering enrichment, counseling, education, material assistance and other non-judgmental support,” the center says. States.

The center serves an average of nearly 100 mothers per month.

“In the past month alone, we’ve helped over 100 women and families with free ultrasounds and pregnancy tests, free counseling, parenting education and material assistance,” Bolton said in his post. “Our families are supported by this continued dedication.”

“We don’t just say, ‘Life is precious.’ We say, “Let us walk with you on this journey of parenthood for years to come,” Bolton said. “We are working closely with community resources to extend that support as well.”

The Lennon Center is one of dozens across the United States to be attacked by pro-abortion vandals since the May 2 leak of the Supreme Court’s majority draft opinion in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization Case. The next Dobbs decision should upset the benchmark Roe vs. Wade decision legalizing abortion in the United States throughout pregnancy, and proponents of abortion are furious.

Tweet this: “Such senseless incidents do not frighten or deter us. On the contrary, they encourage us to do more and stay the course!”

Pregnancy centers and medical clinics, of which there are about 3,000 in the United States, provide hundreds of millions of dollars each year in medical, educational and support services to women and families in need – usually at no cost.

The targeting of pregnancy centers to provide life-saving services and support to women indicates an effort to eliminate any choice other than abortion.

Pro-abortion attacks have included violence, with a few centers set on fire. In addition to the threat against the Lennon Center, another group has threatened pregnancy counseling centers that continue to operate.

According to a recent survey by Heartbeat International, the world’s largest pregnancy support network, has shown that since the Dobbs leaked one in six pregnancy support organizations said they had experienced targeted harassment ranging from fake online reviews to vandalism, including the destruction of property.

Gary Hillebrand

“This vandalism is a nasty example of unprovoked violence, ignorance and hatred,” Bolton wrote in his communication to supporters.

Vandalism, violence and threats prompted Heartbeat International to publish a security advisory to affiliates for the first time in its more than half-century history.

Various extremist groups are believed to be involved, and the FBI began investigation. Life defenders continue to await arrests in the numerous incidents. Pregnancy support organizations can report incidents at

Hillebrand said the mood among Lennon Pregnancy Center staff and volunteers since the attack happened at their center is really positive.

“I mean, we have great staff and volunteers,” he said. “They’re all working on how to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.”

When the question arose at one point of resuming ultrasound appointments with the exterior of the building still under repair, the answer was yes, continue to serve customers.

“Our nurse manager and our sonographer both said, ‘We want to get started, find a way to make it safe enough to get started,'” Hillebrand said.

“They said, ‘We have people with dates, we want to keep them,'” Hillebrand said. “You just have to find a way to make it safe, and let’s do it.”

“It’s a good statement to people who do this,” he said, “that, ‘Hey, you know, you’re trying to stop us. You won’t stop us. We’ll find a way to carry on whatever you do.

Bolton echoed that thought.

Given the current tough economic times, she said more and more people are turning to the center for help and assistance.

“The Lennon Center will always be there for those who need us,” Bolton said. “We remain fearless and dedicated to continuing to help others by positively influencing the life and love of the community.”