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SUMUM launches sleep clinic – Odisha News In English

Bhubaneswar, November 19: There is a misconception in the public mind that snoring is a sign of good sleep. But few realize that snoring is just one aspect of sleep disorders that also has a public safety aspect.

People with disturbed sleep tend to fall asleep during the day and appear lethargic. Sleep deprivation can lead to many other problems, including heart attacks, strokes, accidents, memory loss, and more. It can endanger a person’s health and safety.

Forty to 50% of the population suffers from some sort of sleep-related disorder that most of them were unaware of and only seek medical attention after developing a complication.

To raise awareness and for early assessment of sleep disorders, SUM Ultimate Medicare (SUMUM) has launched a LEVEL 1 Sleep Clinic and Sleep Lab to provide a holistic approach to sleep disorder management.

Patients with sleep disorders can see sleep specialists at the SUMUM Sleep Clinic Monday through Saturday.

Additionally, the hospital is also launching a smoking cessation clinic to help people quit smoking.

Tobacco use, mainly cigarette or bidi, is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in India. It is a fact that smoking increases the risk of different cancers including lung, liver and colorectal cancer. Smokers account for 85% of lung cancers. In addition, smoking increases the risk of respiratory diseases (such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and cardiovascular diseases. During pregnancy, smoking increases the rate of complications, including miscarriages, stillbirths, premature births, fetal growth retardation and birth defects. Neonatal and pediatric complications of tobacco exposure include sudden infant death syndrome and abnormal lung function in children, such as asthma.

Despite the magnitude of the tobacco-related disease burden, more than 100 million adults in India smoke. Quitting smoking is therefore one of the most important and difficult steps a person can take to improve their health. Most smokers make several attempts to quit before they finally quit.

“We are also opening a smoking cessation clinic as part of SUMUM’s pulmonary medicine department to make it easier for people who value their health and that of their family members. The Smoking Cessation Clinic and Sleep Clinic would provide medical and lifestyle solutions to habitual cigarette smokers and those with sleep disorders with the help of a qualified team of pulmonologists, respiratory therapists , psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and dietitians. We intend to make this journey smoother through comprehensive care,” said SUMUM CEO Dr. Swetapadma Dash.