Clinic business

The Edmond Clinic offers free services to the uninsured

For many Oklahomans, access to affordable health care can be a challenge. If you don’t have insurance, the task can be nearly impossible.

Jesus Ministries in Edmond steps in to try to fill in some gaps in coverage.

“We have a medical and dental clinic that only sees the uninsured, we have a licensed professional advice centre,” said executive director Kim Swyden.

For 21 years, Jesus’ ministry has provided free health care to uninsured Oklahomans.

“We have about 38 volunteer doctors, 13 different specialties,” Swyden said.

Some of the best doctors in town, in almost every field, volunteer their time, bringing hope, healing and compassion to all in need. Like the homeless woman found in a Walmart parking lot, with some mental instability and in desperate need of medical attention.

“She saw our doctors, she saw our counselors, her life started to change. She started her own business and is now a donor,” Swyden said.

The foundation is supported by donations, which makes every service offered free.

“Honestly, it’s hard to describe how special this place is for people,” said volunteer Marial Colley.

Colley became a patient of the clinic while in college, but after she was able to secure insurance, she wasn’t quite ready to part ways with the place that meant so much to her.

“Because I loved everyone so much, I asked if I could please volunteer? And they said yes,” Colley said.

“I was even questioning God, like maybe I wasn’t supposed to be a doctor anymore,” said Dr. Sherri Tucker, the ministry’s medical director.

Dr. Tucker volunteered her time for about 10 years and found joy in her work while in ministry. She started working 11 years ago and thinks it has reignited her passion for her work.

“I had about 15 minutes per patient, which wasn’t very conducive to everything I wanted to talk about with them, but here I had time,” Dr. Tucker said.

“We donated $32 million in free medical dental care. We’ve given 32,000 hours of one-on-one counseling,” Swyden said.

As beneficial as it might be for patients, volunteers would debate who benefits the most.

“I love it. It’s so much fun, honestly I can’t wait to be there. It’s fantastic. Everyone here is great,” Colley said.

Jesus Ministries is always looking for volunteers as well as doctors and donors. if you are interested in their services, visit their website.