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The Heartland Health Center near campus renamed Tapestry 360 Health Distancing Clinic from Abuse Scandal

The Heartland Health Center near Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus (LSC) will now be known as Tapestry 360 Health.

Tapestry 360 Health is a health center that provides affordable primary care, oral care, and behavioral health care services. Although it has 16 locations in Chicago, the closest LSC location is at 1300 W. Devon Ave.

“We changed our name to distinguish ourselves from organizations with the same name like Heartland Health,” Raven Hibbler, a spokesperson for Tapestry 360 Health wrote in an email.

This name change follows a dissociation of the health center from the national organization of Heartland Alliance Health Centers.

Heartland Alliance Health Centers received allegations of abuse during the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance immigration policy, The Phoenix previously reported.

Neither Tapestry 360 Health nor Heartland Alliance Health Centers responded to a request for comment.

Due to immigration policy in place at the time of the allegations, Heartland Alliance Health Centers housed 99 immigrant children who were separated from their families after attempting to cross the southern border, according to ProPublica.

Some of the children who have been sent to these shelters have claimed to have been abused by staff. Some also said they saw a young boy being sedated by a shelter employee. Those complaints sparked a federal investigation into the treatment of children, ProPublica reported.

Following the allegations, Heartland Alliance closed four of the shelters located in Illinois.

Thanks to these allegations, Heartland Alliance Health Centers have continued to welcome patients to their premises, according to their website. This does not include any information about allegations of child misconduct and abuse they have received, whether true or false.

“Heartland Alliance strives to advance human rights and uphold human dignity by providing services and promoting solutions to achieve a more just global society,” the organization wrote on its website.

Tapestry 360 Health maintains that they will continue to provide the same patient care, although they now have a different title.

“Our new name represents the diverse clients we serve and better reflects our mission of affordable patient-centered care for all,” Hibbler wrote.

The choice of the organization’s new name was carefully considered, according to their website.

The organization wrote on its website that the new name represents “the beautiful tapestry of the communities we serve”, also writing “360 Health” further demonstrates their dedication to the community and their patients.

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