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The Infident Clinic stresses the underlined importance of the treatment of periodontal diseases

Nicosia, Cyprus: In light of the recent Global Burden of Disease Study indicating that the prevalence of periodontal disease worldwide is between 20% and 50%, Infident Clinic, a leading dental care provider in NicosiaCyprus would like to stress the importance of seeking appropriate treatment.

Periodontal disease has been linked to a number of systemic health problems such as stroke, diabetes, heart disease and bone problems. With a focus on people at high risk of periodontal disease, such as diabetics, smokers and people with a genetic predisposition, the clinic’s team of dental specialists offers preventive measures and emergency treatment for patients of all ages.

The progression of periodontal disease is often asymptomatic, which is why regular dental check-ups are essential in order to detect the problem as early as possible. With prompt and proper treatment, much of the damage caused by periodontal disease can be halted or even reversed. Initial patient examination and consultation at Infident Clinic will include a full medical history as well as a thorough examination of the mouth, teeth and gums.

Infident Clinic’s team of experienced dentists work with the patient to develop a personalized treatment plan which may include deep cleaning, also known as scaling and root planing, using advanced instruments and techniques to remove tartar (tartar) deposits on the teeth above and below the gum line. Removing tartar and plaque buildup is just the first step in treatment – Infident Clinic offers a comprehensive oral care plan that also includes professional dental cleaning, regular checkups and hygiene routines oral care at home.

Led by a dentist certified in general dentistry, Dr. Stella Papadopoulou Adamou, each patient who enters the Infident clinic is assured of receiving the highest quality of care and attention. The clinic’s vast experience in the field of dental care, as well as its use of the latest technology and equipment, allows Infident Clinic to provide treatments that are both effective and comfortable for each patient.

Competent in all areas of general dentistry, the excellence of the Infident dental clinic extends to the fields of cosmetic dentistry, children’s dentistry and oral surgeries. With a focus on complete patient satisfaction, brings together a group of highly qualified professionals dental specialistseach with a unique area of ​​expertise, to provide comprehensive oral care solutions under one roof.

About Infident Dental Clinic:

Infident Clinic is one of the leading oral care providers in Nicosia, Cyprus, is a family run clinic that has been providing quality dental care for over 20 years. The clinic offers a wide range of dental services, from preventive care to more complex treatments, and is committed to helping patients achieve and maintain optimal oral health. For more information, please visit


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