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The new gender wellness clinic starts its activities in Paola

A new Gender Wellbeing Clinic building, offering specialized health services for trans people, has started operations in Paola.

The clinic has its roots in Mtarfa, where it started its activities in 2018. Since then, more than 340 people have used the services of the clinic, eventually overtaking the building in which it was located.

At a press conference, Parliamentary Secretary for Reforms and Equality Rebecca Buttigieg said the opening of this clinic happened after wide and extensive consultation with the Sexual Orientation Unit, of Gender Identity, Gender Expression and Sex Characteristics (SOGIGESC) and the LGBTIQ Advisory Council.

“During these four years, we have learned a lot, because this service was not one that had been established in our country for a long time. We also spoke with the LGBTIQ community to see how we can make the clinic run better. customers have always had high praise for these services, one comment that stood out was the lack of accessibility offered by the building inside Mtarfa,” Buttigieg said.

She added that the move is part of a larger package of services that will be offered from a new LGBTIQ community center, which will open in the coming months. It will incorporate various facilities, including those offered at the Gender Wellbeing Clinic, to better meet the needs of the LGBTIQ community.

Gabriella Calleja, head of SOGIGESC, stressed that this step means a lot for the LGBTIQ community. She said this relocation means the government is sending a clear message about the importance of working for more civil rights.

“The government has listened and acted in the best interests of the LGBTIQ community. This clinic will continue to serve a good purpose, especially for trans people who are just beginning their transition journey,” Calleja stressed.