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The Rehabilitation Clinic Center

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Just off College Road in Twin Falls, the Center for Rehabilitation Clinic hopes to maintain a community attitude.

“It expanded to really grow and meet the needs of what our community needed and demanded,” said Sami Ashenbrener, a doctor of physical therapy at the clinic.

And their commitment to the community is what makes them most unique.

“A lot of us are local and we were born and raised here, moved around but then came back to this area,” Ashenbrener said.

Physiotherapy isn’t the only thing offered at CPR. “We have a gym which is connected to our clinic. It’s a place where people, regardless of community, can come in and a physical therapist will assess them and create a specific exercise for them,” Ashenbrener said.

“We have our athletic development and performance training where we really work to move the athlete from injury to return to sport,” continued Ashenbrener.

Contracting with local businesses is also something that is offered. “Pre and post screens, ensuring that employees, before being hired, arrive and do a work screen. They make sure they’re strong enough to do all the demands of the job, make sure they don’t have any injuries,” Ashenbrener said.

Ultimately, CPR wants its patients to feel a personal connection with its staff.

“Everyone works as a team, and you really see the love for patients with all the staff,” Ashenbrener said.

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