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Uganda Baati launches medical clinic in Tororo

Uganda Baati Ltd has launched a second medical facility, Uganda Baati Medical Clinic-Tororo, aiming to provide quality primary health care to company staff and the community at a subsidized cost.

According to Uganda Baati, this is a way for the company to give back to the community around its business activities and to the country as a whole.

The launch of the clinic in Tororo is part of the Ugandan Baati Medical Clinic’s three-year strategy, which aims to expand the scope of services, to pediatric and obstetrics services, offering specialist services at more subsidized fees and family planning services.

Speaking about the launch of the clinic, Minister of Health, Ruth Aceng, represented by Dr Stephen Obbo, the Director of Mbale Regional Hospital, hailed Uganda Baati’s decision which she said shows how the private sector can advance health care in the country. .

“It shows how the private sector can advance healthcare in our country. A reality that can only be achieved by starting with other great companies and the ways they operate. Thank you and good to see you all,” Aceng said.

She called on other companies to learn from Uganda Baati and explore the possibility of working with the government to accelerate more partnerships like this.

“We learned very well that Uganda Baati’s former Kampala clinic has established the program for such social awareness. Reports of credible services offered there at a subsidized rate, among other free benefits, have been reported. are now extending to the people of Tororo, and that is good news ladies and gentlemen,” Aceng noted.

The minister further reiterated the government’s commitment to creating an investment environment that has enabled players like Uganda Baati to have a share of impact in how they respond to national health challenges. .

In his remarks at the launch in Tororo, Uganda Baati business leader George Arodi said, “Uganda Baati-Tororo clinic is the second clinic we are opening, it will offer subsidized but quality health services to members of the surrounding community who otherwise would not be able to pay them at market rates,” Arodi said.

Arodi noted that the clinic will provide outpatient services such as medical consultations, minor surgeries, a wide range of laboratory tests and outpatient treatment.

“Uganda Baati Limited will absorb a significant percentage of the running costs of the clinic. More services such as child vaccinations, community outreach and medical activities will be offered free of charge.” he said.