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US Olympic Equestrian Tamra Smith teaches clinic at Warfield Park | National

BILLINGS — U.S. Olympic equestrian athlete Tamra Smith was in Billings this weekend to share her knowledge with local equestrians at Warfield Equestrian Park.

Smith has just competed in the Tokyo Olympics. She was also a member of the USA all around team that won a gold medal at the 2019 Pan American Games.

This was Smith’s first visit to Montana, where Smith volunteered his time in the Magic Town to work with young riders and support Warfield Park, an equestrian facility in south-central Montana designed to meet the needs of the local equestrian community.

“It’s a beautiful place, it’s amazing, I didn’t expect it to look like this here, you get so used to what you see so when we stopped, I I thought ‘wow, that’s awesome’, she said.

Smith said the sport has given him so much inside and outside of events that it’s important to give back with clinics like this one in Billings.

“I mean our country is so big, so big that we need to keep these events alive so that we keep the support and all the people at the grassroots level to continue to be part of the sport,” she said.

Smith said his goal is to get young riders to work on becoming with their horse and creating that partnership.

Warfield Park will host the Arrowhead Horse Trials in July. You can find more information about this event and the place here.