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Vaccination clinic organized in City Heights to increase the number of communities

In an effort to increase vaccination rates in a community that is among the weakest in the city, organizers held an outdoor vaccination clinic in City Heights.

SAN DIEGO — Many San Diegans came for the convenience of a vaccination clinic in City Heights offering all types of vaccines and the flu shot.

“There’s this new variety coming, and we’re going to be traveling, and I don’t think we’re really out of it yet,” said Charles Scott, who cycled from Kensington to 4265 Fairmount Avenue to get a jab of reminder.

“The easier you do it the better. Everyone gets very laid back including me about wearing masks so if you let your guard down and you don’t get a reminder you might get sick,” said Scott.

Two years into the pandemic with an overall decline in COVID cases, The Mid-City CAN, or Community Advocacy Network, says City Heights and surrounding neighborhoods have some of the lowest vaccination rates in San Diego.

“The vaccination rate for children, especially in our Central Region region, is below 50 percent,” said Shanti Huynh, Civic Engagement Coordinator of Mid-City CAN.

Organizers, including the Employee Rights Center, have taken a hands-on approach by providing free food bags, COVID test kits and offering mammograms, immigration and citizenship class information and helping to obtain Medi-Cal and food coupons.

“People whose basic needs aren’t being met, like food, aren’t going to get a proper COVID shot? Those needs have to be met first, and that’s why we also have food here and break barriers like language, finance, technology, transportation and misinformation that have kept many people from getting vaccinated,” Huynh said.

Attendees appreciated the short wait and the multicultural staff catered to their specific needs.

Jacob Gabriel, a 16-year-old Hoover High School sophomore, was excited to get vaccinated after his mother urged him and his father Lee to do so.

“I’d rather get it just to be safe, that’s all, and I don’t want to make my family sick either,” Gabriel said.

For her first time, Nancy Vidal has finally received the COVID vaccine.

“I don’t like people being pressured if they’re not ready, but I would definitely recommend it because I’m getting all my shots, even my flu shot and everything, but it was just that COVID was something more unexpected happened. There are people who got a vaccine straight away, and there are other people like me who just needed time to prepare for it,” Vidal said.

For anyone who missed the event, community organizers say they are planning another vaccination clinic to be held on the last Saturday of each month.

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