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virtual clinic on the Motto app can help patients manage Sjögren’s disease | Patients with autoimmune diseases are the focus of the new Motto Health app

Currency Health launched a type of virtual clinic – with rheumatologists and medical professionals – for people with chronic autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, including Sjogren’s Syndromeannounced the startup.

Through an online application, the platform allows patients to schedule virtual appointments with specialists, manage and track symptoms, and receive personalized treatment plans.

Billing itself as “an online, clinic-based managed care program,” Motto is available in Texas and California and accepts major network insurers.

“We created Motto because the status quo forces patients to wait months, even years, for proper treatment from a rheumatologist. In the meantime, they carry the added burden of managing medications and making difficult diet and lifestyle changes,” Anuj Patel, CEO and Founder of Motto, said in a statement. Press release.

“We believe our coordinated care model will help improve access and close important diagnostic gaps for primary care providers, improve quality of life and patient experience, and ultimately account, to achieve better outcomes for patients, providers and the healthcare system,” Patel said.

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Create a virtual clinic for autoimmune patients

Sjögren’s disease is a chronic inflammatory and autoimmune disease in which the immune system mistakenly attacks the body’s own cells. The lacrimal and salivary glands are the most common targets, leading to the hallmark of the disease symptoms dry eyes and mouth. However, patients may experience a number of other symptoms, including joint pain, rashes, and fatigue.

Diagnosis of Sjögren’s disease and other autoimmune and chronic inflammatory diseases is difficult because symptoms can be similar to those of other diseases. For some autoimmune diseases, delays in diagnosis can last up to five years. Additionally, there are only 4,600 rheumatologists nationwide, making it difficult for patients to access adequate care.

Motto has developed a virtual program, consisting of three main elements, to improve patient care.

The first is a virtual medical clinic through which patients can schedule telehealth appointments with rheumatologists and get quick access to their treatment plans. According to Motto, a consultation with a rheumatologist would be possible within days, instead of the typical wait time of more than two months.

The second element is a personalized lifestyle plan to manage the symptoms. This includes recommendations from health professionals on diet, stress, sleep management and exercise.

Condition management is the third element, with Motto providing digital tracking of flare-ups so patients can identify what triggers their flare-ups and try to prevent them. The goal is “to increase awareness of personal triggers by capturing clinically validated longitudinal data,” or information over time, the company said.

Motto will also aim to manage other chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, fibromyalgia and ankylosing spondylitis. The startup was founded by Redesign Health, a company that develops healthcare businesses.

“Autoimmune diseases are complex and often take longer than traditional practices to get to the heart of the matter,” said Elizabeth Ortiz, MD, Motto’s medical director and board-certified rheumatologist.

“Motto supports primary care providers with a holistic care plan that addresses the needs of this patient population so they can feel better faster and effectively manage their condition over the long term,” she added.