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Zita Mary Clinic and Election Washing

Since the days of former ACT Health Minister Kate Carnell in the late 1990s, the Zita Mary Clinic at Calvary Hospital has been treating cancer patients in the North with chemotherapy and other treatments against cancer in a professional and friendly way. With its eight treatment chairs and two beds, it provided a dedicated treatment center for people with cancer in a personalized and holistic way that was more patient-friendly than the very good but larger treatment center in Building 15 of the TCH.

The Zita Mary Clinic is now on the verge of closing as the service cannot be accredited as the facility needs money for its modernization. Its patients will now have to travel to Woden, which will put a strain on this service and deprive thousands of North Canberrans of personalized and professional service north of the lake. Thanks to James and all the staff for excellent service over the past 25 or so years. Come on Mr Barr, how about spending the money to maintain this great service instead of doing stage 2 of the tram?

On another note, I had a great idea for the New Federal Liberal/National Opposition that touches on several points.

Peter Dutton is set to announce a major policy/educational/investigative initiative, which combines massive consultation with all interested members of the community, industry, academia, business and government, as well as education of the Australian people, who remain largely unaware of the risks, opportunities and pitfalls of climate change and energy security.

It should convene across all states and territories a series of large-scale public forums to hear from all sections of our Australian community on the medium and long-term solutions and policies we should adopt as a nation. Professional experts should start each session by reporting the scientific basis of what is happening, where is Australia, where is China and other major emitters, what is happening in the world over the past five to 10 next few years and what it all means for us, what we need to look at, what we can do and what options we have. Then everyone should have a say.

The media must be fully involved and all such meetings must be open to the media. Meetings are to be held in all capitals, major regional and county areas of all states and territories.

I imagine the process could take 12 to 18 months, if done correctly. It’s got to be open, deepened, and warts and everything. All sections of the population must be listened to, however crazy some of their ideas may be. It must be inclusive.

At the end of the process, the new opposition can spend a few months sifting through it all and coming up with a detailed policy. The Albanian government would be free to adopt it or not. But the process alone would serve to educate and inform the population, as well as praise the opposition for developing it.

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